Changelog : v3

Changelog v3


  - Explosive projectiles now travel through some props
    Inspired by (Grenade Props mod)
  - New character: DRIP (remade)
  - New character: SHIFTER

    - Added slide reticle
    - The slide-arrow-display-thingy is now the player outline color


  - Re-do Mask, Bard and Slide
  - More suggested characters
  - Finish sprites for Pyro


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This is a nice mod, I have played it a bit with someone in coop. Few notes,


  • Should've added a mention in readme that there are more spells on weapon switch button and airhorn button. It took more than a few sessions to notice.
  • After being revived, damage bonus and counters are lost because Player instance is re-created.
  • TB doesn't have any effect (changes ammo per brilliance to 3 but it's 3 by default).
  • Notes get caught up in a wall if you try to fire while walking east into one.


  • Overall an interesting character because of being able to focus on damage/health/mutations separately in early game.
  • Rhino Skin has no effect (gets rolled back by force_loadout).
  • Can buy ammo but your pistol doesn't use ammo..?
  • "Sword" item upgrades pistol too but you can only tell if you watch the sprites / notice when it becomes more apparent.
  • Many mutations have little use due to character mechanics. Might have been better to let the player take whatever they want into second weapon slot and only leave the sword in like with Mask. Or let player swap out either but only when they reach level ultra.


  • The dash feels really nice.
  • I've no idea what "gets excited" means even after looking at the code.

I tried to hastily workaround coop issues with Bard by storing some things in global arrays and moving ammo->brilliance conversion from destroying nearby chests/ammo packs to subtracting pack-worth of ammo when there's enough. This also makes Lucky Shot actually do something for the character. paste

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Hi! Thanks for the feedback! :)

First, I'd like to say that Bard, Mask and Slide were made when I was just learning GML / modding, so their code (and the characters themselves) can be pretty gross. I plan on re-doing them soon.

Edit: Also, thank you. Nuclear Throne Together is amazing, and modding helped me get into Gamemaker. You're awesome.

   • Yeah, I agree there's a lot of things wrong with him. He'll hopefully be much better when I clean him up.

   • The rhino skin effect was initially on purpose, but I agree that it may be better without it. I'll change it.
   • The ammo being available to purchase is intended for multiplayer, but it may be best to get rid of it for singleplayer. I'll hide / change it next update.
   • I forgot about renaming the "sword upgrade" to "weapon upgrade."
   • I wholly agree with removing the gun, actually, and I don't really know why I added it, to be honest.

   • Thanks!
   • "Get excited" means that Dash's fire-rate increases for a short duration after using his active ability. I'll explain / re-word that in the mod.

The subtracting-ammo-to-generate-brilliance is much better than what I had before, thanks!