Version 2 Changelog


   - Lowered the screenshake of all the Bard's weapons.
 Thanks to littlemanstann for the feedback!

   - Increased the machete's firerate.
   - Lowered its damage.
 The reason I did this is to further his playstyle.
 Mask is built to switch between weapons frequently, switching to his
 machete when bullets need clearing, and his primary for damage output.
 Thanks to littlemanstann for the feedback!

The Pig
 (not done yet)
 (this will be a gigantic, hazard-filled dungeon)
 (successfully beating it will grant a fast trip to the Throne)
 (but it will be very difficult)
   - Added entrance to The Pig (unusable for now)
 If you would like to disable the entrance, open 'main.txt' and
 add another slash to '/loadmod pig/entrance.'
   //loadmod pig/entrance


Version 2 164 kB
94 days ago
Version 1 143 kB
96 days ago

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