A downloadable mod

A bunch of different characters.

Mask - Offhand reloading and faster reloading while spamming left click. Starts with a machete he can't put down.

Slide - Slide around the level at high speeds. Bonus firing rate if you keep sliding.

Bard - Can only use one weapon, the lute. Able to cast support-oriented spells with a resource called Brilliance. Lute is affected by most weapon-specific mutations (Bolt Marrow, Shotgun Shoulders, etc.)

Yokin For the Fish character and Detonator mods, and for helping in Discord.
Blaac For the Hardmode mod.
YellowAfterlife For the NTU adaptation mod.

Knilax Programming, spriting.
ToxicPotatoes Character portraits.

Published 68 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Tagsntt, ntt-mod, ntt-race

Install instructions


After installing, enter "/load km" in the in-game chat.


Final Version 140 kB
Version 5 166 kB
Version 4 170 kB
Version 3 170 kB
Version 2 164 kB
Version 1 143 kB

Development log


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This is a awesome mod! I see that you put a ton of effort into these really cool characters you made. I especially love slide, and the fact you have some control over him while he slides, that makes him way more fun to use. A suggestion I would have though, is that if you use screen shake (which I know I'm probably the only person to use) with Bard, the camera shakes like crazy. Maybe you could change Bard's lute to have less or no screen shake? Also, Mask is a really neat concept with cool sprite design, but the restriction to only 1 weapon with a kind of underwhelming machete is a real bummer. Maybe make the machete increase in damage when you level up like the lute, or even just replace the "blood clip" active and have a machete swing as a active! These are just my thoughts on your really cool mod. Keep it up with your awesome characters and future mods!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into updating these as soon as possible.

Awesome! Looking forward to it! :D

Just updated.

That was so fast! :O The update is really awesome, though, I love the new sprites of this "spike" character you plan on adding! I'm happy you reduced Bard's screen shake, it makes him/her way more fun to use, and Mask is way more fun with his improved "weapon juggling" play style. I just think the Machete may become obsolete in late game, though, since I don't think it has enough punch to defeat enemies in the palace. You're definitely taking the right steps to let Mask become more viable, so I'll just leave my criticism at that. I really see a bright future for this mod, you really have some cool ideas, like the "P.I.G."!

(also, it was really nice of you to add me in the change log, I really appreciate that :D)