Changelog : v1


- reduced max hp
- reduced cost and duration of fury
- changed sword damage and swing speed
- Added missing sprites (ultra, map icons)


- reduced max hp
- knight is no longer affected by max hp changes (rhino skin, crown of death, etc.)
- changed sword damage and swing speed
- can upgrade armor further
- changed prices of armor and weapon upgrades
- bombs now also cause actual explosions
- increased price scaling of health/ammo/bombs with level-ups
- ultra b is now more effective
- reduced cost and duration of fury
- Added missing sprites (ultra, map icons)


[v1] Knight 39 kB
Jan 03, 2018

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Slight issue: It's now impossible to go to the Oasis, since there are no chests or canister. Maybe add a canister that gives a few coins?

Tried this mod, and the upgrade system seems to take coins and do nothing. Am I missing something, or is it a bug?

You may be buying the wrong item. Make sure you're using the most recent version of the mod; I've never run into that problem, but if it persists I can look into it.

I got this mod a few days ago, and I'm hovering over the icon and pressing E. The problem could be another mod I'm using, so I'll check that soon.

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To select an item in the most recent version, you must press space on the item you want to buy. That item and its price are then displayed on the top-left, and you can then buy it with E. Sorry if it's a bit confusing. I'll see if I can find a way to simplify it.

Updated! The shop is now much easier to use.

Nice! The new shop interface is much better. Also, is the pistol supposed to not use ammo?