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Knight is a character built around buying and upgrading from a shop (Similar to Business Hog).

This shop can be accessed at any time, but most items aren't cheap.
To buy items, you need coins, which now drop from enemies.

- Coins drop from enemies.
- Rads no longer drop.
- You can't use any weapon but your starting sword.

- Hold right-click to open the shop, and press E on an item to buy it.

Shop Icons

Ammo : Buy to give all players an ammo pack.

Weapon : Buy to upgrade both weapons.

Ally : Buy to summon an ally.

Level up : Buy to increase player level and coin worth.

Health: Buy to give all players a health pack.

Armor : Buy to increase max health.


Character Portrait : ToxicPotatoes (updated by Zandorum)
Mod : Knilax


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[v7] Knight Mod.zip 61 kB

Development log


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I feel that you should be able to equip a third weapon or the starting gun should stay on the ground after you pick up another weapon because there is no point in picking up another weapon to sell it if you lose the knight gun.

How do I download the mod and where do I put it to work?

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Sorry for the late response!

You can read how to install mods here.
After downloading it, you'll need to head to your Nuclear Throne folder.
Then drag and drop the folder inside the file you downloaded into your mods folder.
You need to have Nuclear Throne Together installed for this to work.

When the mod is installed, all you need to do is type '/load knight' in-game.

Have fun! :)

how the character is unlocked

Great mod! What does throne-butt do? Make the shop cheaper? Also does buying weapon upgrades upgrade both or only one?

Throne-butt decreases your current reload time by 50%, and weapon upgrades affect both weapons.


Very interesting mod! Completely changes the way the game is played. I'm enjoying the ability to upgrade my sword, HP, level and am excited to see what mutations I can select to push Knight further. I still haven't figured out why Knight still collects ammo or why there's an option to buy an ammo box however. Perhaps its for co-op purposes? I've yet to try it in co-op with my buddies, but so far so good! Thanks for making this.

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Thanks for the feedback! In an upcoming update, ammo and chests will no longer spawn in singleplayer. As of now, buying ammo is just for co-op.